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  • Admin65
    Admin65 replied to the thread FireTV 2020.
    Not to be mentioned that Luna is also coming out for these new sticks. Luna is the new Amazon cloud gaming feature that should compete...
  • Admin65
    Admin65 posted the thread FireTV 2020 in Streaming Media.
    https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/amazon-announces-new-slate-of-fire-tv-devices/ Looks like Amazon is going to be releasing a new slate...
  • Admin65
    43" version requires a 400mm vesa mount, so keep that into consideration when buying this set. Not a bad set if you want to have...
  • Admin65
  • Admin65
    https://www.costco.com/roku-ultra-4k-streaming-media-player-%2526-roku-streaming-stick%2b.product.100679307.html Buy a Roku Ultra and...
  • Admin65
    Admin65 replied to the thread No Impact in San Diego?.
    I have a feeling that ATSC 3.0 will ultimately flop due to the changing media landscape. Too many ATSC 1.0 devices out there and the FCC...